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Working Capital Strategies Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers

Working Capital Strategies Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers Working Capital Strategies Balance/419 June 22, 2015 Michele Huss Working Capital Strategies Presentation Working capital is characterized as the contrast between current resources and current liabilities (Working Capital, 2015). Our group has audited significant money related reports, for example, the latest monetary record and incomes explanations, taking applicable information to be investigated for how it will affect money the executives methodologies. So as to have an unmistakable effect and increment benefits there must be development and advancement, decidedly affecting customer enthusiasm for Apples product offering. To do this Apple officials and the board must have an away from of where they are by and by, and what should be practiced to arrive at their objectives. Included is a portrayal of how current resources and liabilities influence income the board, this data is significant on the grounds that it permits the executives to settle on vital choices to build income and piece of the overall industry. Our group has had the chance to make capital suggestions dependent on the pr esumption that Apples anticipated income will increment by 20% to the executives that incorporates point by point expert forma reports. The last region our group will concentrate on is the manner by which the expanded income will impact Apples working capital arrangement, recognizing exercises we have learned and featuring zones that can be grown further. This gives individuals from senior administration an away from of where this business Apple is and what it will take to accomplish their future money related objectives. Expanded Forecasted Revenues: MEGAN Any organization's income can increment or to diminish every year. We should watch Apple's present salary articulation; in agreement to Google Finance (2015), Apple's latest pay proclamation of March third, 2015 had the organization's all out income at $58 million. Accepting we guage effectively, Apple's income increments 20% in 2016, suppose generally $69 million. The organization would have not exclusively to perform well throughout the year yet in addition needed to of built up another bit of innovation that the open adored. Over the recent years, Apple has figured out how to advance and present a few items into the commercial center that customers energetically anticipate. In the event that an organization's income builds it is destined to expand their gross benefit also, and Apple seems, by all accounts, to be utilizing their working capital assets viably. The data's given however budget summaries; for instance, accounting report, pay explanation, and income articulation) that d etermine if that organization is gainful. What's more, regardless of whether there is adequate capacity to meet the working capital likewise needs to the drawn out obligation. Current Assets and Liabilities Affect Cash Management: MEGAN The data one can get from budget summaries gave by pattern investigation, proportion examination and the commentaries to the fiscal reports offer significant data about the administration of an organization and its likely accomplishment after some time. The main way anybody can figure out how fruitful and productive an organization is included cautious and succinct investigation of an organization's budget summaries. How are Apple's advantages and liabilities influencing their income? A more critical glance at the numbers exhibits $231,839,000 in complete resources and $120,292,000 in all out liabilities (Yahoo Finance, 2015). In this way, increments in records of sales, stock and prepaid costs harms the income, diminishes in these territories help the income. Increments in transient working liabilities help income where a decline would upset the income. Apple doesn't appear to be in any pain now, and that is a direct result of their inventive items. Poor income makes about difficult to recruit and hold fair workers; again Apple doesn't miss the mark here either. Finally, the organization's records receivable turnover and stock (some portion of organization resources) additionally to the real income investigation, decide how productive incomes convert into incomes. This guides in the assurance with regards to the organization's wellbeing and dependability. Capital Recommendation: MEGAN Any organization, productive or not ought to have a working capital suggestion. Figuring a master forma is fundamental to the capital proposal. As indicated by Way (2007) an organization's genius forma is the estimated fiscal summaries that depend on either foreseen future occasions or conceivably changing business execution in up and coming periods. After exploration, I have developed the accompanying star forma diagram utilizing the fiscal reports situated in the Google Finance and Yahoo Finance references. Reference

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Code of Ethics and Safety in Engineering

Code of Ethics and Safety in Engineering Unique With a sheltered item, we have no concerns of utilizing it in light of the fact that there is no hazard that going to happen. Be that as it may, we should realize that nothing in this world is great. Any mishap can happen to any of us out there. Designer consistently include themselves with plan and making of new things which interest for a decent quality and more secure item. Safe Design must consent to the pertinent law, requires information and capacity, must endeavor to anticipate potential abuses of the item, must fulfill guideline of acknowledged building practice and should confirm each last plan. After the procedure that being trailed by the designer themselves, so it is dependent upon the client to utilize it in the correct manner. This task is required to offer attention to the building ethic course understudy on the term hazard, security and mishap in reality. Presentation What would we be able to state about Engineering Code of Ethics in this theme? To be straightforward, it is identified with the specialists to deliver items that are ok for the general public. It is additionally significant that they are the primary job in forestalling mishaps of their development. We should realize that nothing can be 100% sheltered and great, yet at the same time builds are required to make items as protected as sensibly possible.[1] Right off the bat, we should realize that security is about opportunity from the event or danger of injury, threat or misfortune. Along these lines, engineers need to follow the procedure or structuring his item so as to make it sheltered as could be expected under the circumstances. Safe structure is a procedure of danger distinguishing proof predominantly at the structure stage or controlling danger as ahead of schedule as conceivable to wellbeing and security in the arranging and plan of items, frameworks or procedure. Through hazard appraisal, plan alternative will be created to dispense with Occupational Health Safety (OHS) dangers or to limit OHS dangers of injury to the individuals who make the item and to the individuals who utilized it.[3] In light of cultural requests for more secure items and working environments, governments, organizations, architects and other people who are associated with development are necessitating that wellbeing be a major standard in plan. Configuration is a key building action. Architect consistently include in plan, advancement and formation of new or improved items, procedure, frameworks and administrations. Consequently, quality and wellbeing in configuration ought to be central in designing concerns, not exclusively to guarantee that the code of building ethic is to be rehearsed yet additionally to keep up a decent notoriety in building calling for better sense to create items, forms and systems.[3] Safe plan assumes a major job in structure objective, including practicability, cost and the usefulness of the planned item. Safe plan is the procedure of effectively accomplishing an equalization of these targets. To guarantee an absolute security in a structure, safe plan needs a comprehension of the each phase in the life of a planned item, beginning with the underlying origination to the end life of the item. Poor plan can bring about low profitability, higher support, higher business and laborers remuneration costs and decreased resource life. These monetary expenses are notwithstanding human expenses of injury, sickness, malady and disability.[3] As we as a whole realize that mishaps can generally happen in whenever. It is generally occurred on the client itself in spite of the fact that the item that being utilized is as of now being plan in term of wellbeing and the utilization as well. It is case to case premise circumstance. It relies upon whom to be fault. It might appear that engineers at some point bear no obligation regarding any mishap that occurred. In any case, engineer must comprehend that the framework or items that he is chipping away at and to endeavor to be innovative in deciding how things can be intended to turn away the same number of mix-ups by individuals utilizing the innovation as possible.[1] As we plan something, we should likewise think about the manual and strategy for the utilization of the gadget or innovation of the structure. It is for the client itself. Specialists need to adhere to the plan rules and in actuality they need to pay the hazard by structuring something so any mishap can be turned away. By producing the proprietors manual, perhaps the client can utilize the gadget or the innovation in the correct manner and it additionally can decrease the odds of getting any mishap that can prompt passing or injury. So builds are destined to help the individuals on the planet by developing the development innovation and planning it with the possibility of wellbeing as well. SAFE DESIGN CRITERIAS 1) Safe Design must agree to the relevant law All the plan must satisfy their details and guidelines to guarantee a decent and safe structure. Government wellbeing laws are diverse for every division or ventures. For instance, International Maritime Organization (IMO) has a significant part to play for embracing enactment for ships. IMOs wellbeing enactment manages the boat and traveler while The SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) do worry with traveler security and with lifesaving gear on traveler ships. While for electrical field, The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) is a lot of rules to shield individuals during the establishment, activity, and support of electric electrical cables. The NESC contains the essential arrangements thought about important for the wellbeing of representatives and people in general. Despite the fact that it isn't planned as a structure detail, its arrangements set up least plan prerequisites. PPL Electric Utilities Corp. (PPL) has created plan particulars and wellbeing rules which meet or outperfor m all prerequisites determined by the NESC.[3] 2) Safe Design requires information and ability For this situation, engineers need to have and have the option to exhibit required information about the plan that the individual in question is going to fabricate. They should know about the work environment dangers and any unsafe impact since a portion of the plan or venture includes the counteraction that may can possibly discharge dangerous material or vitality. Such occurrences will influence the earth, for example, harmful impacts, fire or blast and will head to different outcomes, for example, genuine wounds, property harm and misfortune creation. These are the premise prospects that specialists must concern and execute approaches to maintain a strategic distance from any risk causes.[4] 3) Safe Design must endeavor to predict potential abuses of the item Architects are expertly answerable for guaranteeing that their items or framework are protected enough before they are built up. They are lawfully bounceed through law and guidelines to guarantee that their structures are sheltered from idea through removal. To guarantee a protected plan, engineers must anticipate the potential outcomes about the abuses of the items and actualize approaches to limit the alerts of item abuses by the clients. By embracing a protected structure approach, it is conceivable to configuration out wellbeing and security dangers to make a plan choices that meet the two customers need and our commitments as an engineer.[2] 4) Safe Design must satisfy guideline of acknowledged building practice. Acknowledged building practice is a security gives that include essential thoughts regarding how we see the world and what we accept is significant and right. A planner has a duty to guarantee that their originations don't put the others on hazard. They cant simply make the structure by essentially overlook inconsequential hazard even it devours loads of cost. For instance, it may be less significant for a little house to introduce lightning assurance however it is an absolute necessity for such an enormous production lines or tower to do as such and to fulfill the guideline of specification.[3] 5) Safe Design must check each last structure For good specialists, they should consistently discover choices about how to improve their present items to improve security impact other than actualizing better approaches for plan. Nonetheless, in the wake of planning, the items and completed gadgets must be tried thoroughly to see whether the items are protected and meet the details required. For new alumni engineers, they would be required to work under the management and direction of increasingly experienced specialists, while they gain encounters. This is significant as new architect will endeavor to commit more errors as they have absence of experiences.[2] Structuring FOR SAFETY Security is commonly deciphered as suggesting a genuine and huge effect on danger of death, injury or harm to property. In light of apparent dangers numerous mediations might be proposed with building reactions and guideline being two of the most widely recognized. Best to be as careful as possible by Bruce Erion, President of the National Broadcast Pilots Assn, a straightforward however urgent for creators to hold up under with. One adaptation of the procedure for wellbeing configuration, taken from the finding of Wilcox will be altogether expounded. A portion of the means are including characterizing the issue and produce just as dissecting a few arrangements before executing the plan Thought of security ought to be a vital piece of the plan procedure at the different stages. Creators ought to survey the structure as it advances and if any huge peril is distinguished the plan ought to be adjusted to dispense with the danger where sensibly practicable, or in any case to decrease the hazard where sensibly practicable [4]. As the structure advances from idea to detail, thought of wellbeing issues moves from general perspectives to explicit viewpoints. The most significant commitment that a planner can likely make is at the idea and early structure advancement phases of a task when venture wide and framework dangers are being thought of. Another significant thing that an architect needs to consider is to limit the innate risk in the process as could as could be expected under the circumstances. It is acceptable on the off chance that we can barred any potential risk in our plan rather that to adapt to or in any case kept away from Hence, risky substances or responses are supplanted by less perilous ones, and this is liked to utilizing the hazardous substances in an embodied process[3]. Trevor Kletz said that to wipe out the risk totally or diminish its size adequately to dispense with the need fo

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Essay Topics For ESL Argumentative Essays

Essay Topics For ESL Argumentative EssaysYou could be wondering what essay topics are best for ESL argumentative essays. The key to having a successful argumentative essay is in how you structure your argument and how you incorporate a lot of different points. Some topics that could be useful to you are religion, culture, politics, economy, environment, education, science, and even the unknown. What you decide is entirely up to you but remember that whatever topic you choose, be it a current event or a historical event, if it is thought provoking and worth reading from beginning to end, you will be successful in your essay.Because an ESL argumentative essay is a way for you to express your ideas in an understandable way, you will want to be sure that you can effectively communicate your ideas without sounding like you are rambling. So many ESL students make the mistake of just going into a long explanation about what they mean by a subject because if you do that, it will definitely l eave a bad impression on your reader.For example, a business person would not want to read an article where someone is speaking about a particular product that makes their business run smoothly, unless it had a very well put together and logical flow. This article could have been written about anything and everything, but if it was not organized and structured well it would end up sounding a lot like he is rambling. When this happens, it really is difficult to keep the reader's attention.If you were to write a business article in English, the more you could include in the articles, the better chance you have of actually having it written in a manner that would make it a good candidate for publishing. Whether you are talking about business models or processes, you need to make sure that you can include all the right information, be it in a shorter length or in a smaller number of words.It will help if you plan out what you want to say about certain things before you begin writingso t hat when you get to the point, you can outline it. Be sure that you know how much information you want to include.Also, another important aspect of your essay is your use of style. In order to look professional, you should strive to be as neutral as possible and keep in mind that although you may use certain slang terms, such as 'Oriental', it will not be considered rude by the majority of people that are familiar with it.Language, therefore, should be good, easy to understand and, if at all possible, as close to native English as possible. It should be able to demonstrate that you truly know English, not only speak it but have it spoken or understand it in any way whatsoever.Knowing how to use language well and presenting yourself in a clear manner will show off your ability to argue and make different arguments. However, you should remember that using that skill well can take time, and so the process may take longer if you do not practice, so it is best to try and use some materia l at the same time as practicing your grammar and writing.

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Reflection On Drug Abuse - 1824 Words

LOOK BACK In clinical placement, I was faced with a client who was identified as an individual with a history of drug abuse. This reflection is about my experience dealing with this individual, his attitude and the situation that presented itself in regard to his prescribed opioid analgesics, as well as providing care for him. ELABORATE On arrival to the room, only one of my patient was present, I went ahead and introduced myself and found my assigned staff nurse to notify her that I was unable to find my other client, despite my search. Staff nurse stated that the client may be around as he sometimes leaves the floor to get some fresh air and returns. About an hour later, when I was all done with my other patient(named P.B), I went in†¦show more content†¦This information caused warning bells to go off in my head. I reassured P.B. that I would need to question the nurse about his medication and would return as to what medication he is able to get to aid with his pain. Finding my staff nurse, she informed me that the doctor changed the interval for the opioid because the patient had a history of addiction and the current suspicion of drug abuse activities. As an advocator for his pain management I reviewed the patient’s chart, it was determined that he was only able to receive regular Tylenol as the Percocet was not due for 1.5 hrs. I returned to the room to inform the patient that he was allowed plain Tylenol for now to help relieve his pain. He then stated, â€Å"I don’t like Tylenol, I don’t want that.† I was taken aback by the comment because in my mind I was thinking that Tylenol may help him by taking off some edge to the pain till his opioid could be given, but client refused and decided to wait for the 1.5 hrs for the Percocet. He also refused any care to be performed, and wanted to be left alone. As the shift went on, I periodically checked in my patient to make sure that the was ok, and every time I entered his room patient P.B. would ask me the time, and his desire for Percocet. I assessed patient for any signs of pain, and it should be noted that client had no objective signs of pain such as increased respirations, guarding, grimacing. HeShow MoreRelatedAn Effective Substance Abuse Counselor1268 Words   |  6 PagesTo become an effective substance abuse counselor, there are six key points which include: knowing the principles of MI, being able to help strengthen a client’s coping skills, being able to utilize OARS, understanding Thomas Gordon’s Twelve Roadblocks, being knowledgeable about drugs, and having knowledge of assessing and Individualizing Evidence Based Treatment Plans. An effective substance abuse counselor needs to utilize the OARS. The OARS acronym includes: open-ended questions, affirmationsRead MoreShould Drug Abuse Be Rehabilitated Drug Users Do Not Return? A Normal Social Life?993 Words   |  4 PagesEsquivel Philip Belmont College Composition 2 27 February 2017 Argumentative Rehabilitated Drug Users Do Not Return To A Normal Social Life The National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA, estimates that annually, 23.5 million Americans age 12 years or older need treatment for drug abuse. Getting into a high-quality treatment facility and completing the appropriate programs are critical for individuals who suffer from drug addictions. Only 2.6 million, or 11.2 percent, seek and receive treatment at a specialtyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Legal Drugs Unlikely Foster Nation Of Zombies By Stephan Chapman1005 Words   |  5 PagesIn his article â€Å"Legal Drugs Unlikely to Foster Nation of Zombies,† Stephan Chapman presents a hypothetical situation where the use of illicit drugs is legalized by the government. This improbable situation of having a legalized system of distributing prohibited drugs would cause much chaos in the society, however, would it make clean living citizens go into a store and pick up some of these drugs? Not likely. The data from a survey by the Drug Policy Foundation reflects that only a few individualsRead MoreSubstance Abuse In America Case Study780 Words   |  4 PagesSubstance abuse in America has gone to lengths such as reaching the rural Appalachian culture in West Virginia. Despite the Nationwide crisis and epidemic of 23 million individuals using, misusing and abusing substances West Virginia is currently unable to say that they are safe and that they have not been affected by this epidemic (Carpenter, Mcclellan, Rees, 2016). All types of drugs ranging from medication prescribed substances to street drugs have been reported in just about all areas ofRead MoreCommunity and Public Nursing Reflection Paper890 Words   |  4 PagesCommunity and Public Health Nursing Reflection Lorraine Gambino NUR/405 May 6, 2013 Bonnie Schoettle Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection Incorporating preventative recommendations into clinical work can be a complicated and multidimensional obligation. According to Silva, Cashman, Kunte, amp; Candib, â€Å"addressing preventative recommendation alone for patients in a typical day requires in excess of 7.4 hours† (2012). Health care providers are also aware that within the communityRead MoreThe Importance Of Group Therapy1241 Words   |  5 Pagesform, the group therapist must have therapeutic skills that helps them connect with their clients. Carl Rogers theorized that therapist possess certain skills that would help them connect with their clients; i.e., being genuine, active listening, reflection of feelings, immediacy, and appropriate self-disclosure (Capuzzi Gross, 2011). These therapeutic skills are crucial in building the trust and alliances with clients. Group therapist need to be ‘for real’ in their approach to group. If the therapistRead MoreReflection Is The Examination Of Personal Thoughts And Actions Essay1624 Words   |  7 PagesReflection is the examination of personal thoughts and actions. For practitioners especially nurses, it means focusing on how they interact with their peers and with the environment to obtain a clearer picture of their own behavior. Kanuka (2002) writes that reflection is an essential component of understanding complex problems, issues, and concepts. Albeit meanings, patterns, and purpose become clear. Elder, Evans and Nizette (2009) say that allowing self-reflection to guide our nursing practiceRead MoreA Research Methodology For Public Affairs833 Words   |  4 PagesAffairs Dr. Kapucu I selected the article â€Å"When Four Months Equal A Year: Inconsistencies in Student Reports of Drug Use,† for my reflection essay topic this week, due to my prior experience working at a Behavioral Health Agency, that had numerous substance abuse programs including prevention and treatment for adolescents. The study based on an immense national sample of high school student’s drug usage, concluded that there were inconsistencies in reported use between monthly and annual data, howeverRead MoreTitle Of The Lesson: Dangers Of Prescription Drugs Grade1271 Words   |  6 PagesTitle of the lesson: Dangers of Prescription Drugs Grade Level: 6th Grade # Of students: 20 Students Teacher Focus: I will be working on using proximity in my lesson by paying attention to when students are off task and need to be redirected by walking around them to redirect their attention to the lesson. Purpose/Curriculum Focus: †¢ The class has been working on a substance abuse unit. Today we are focusing on the dangers of prescription drug abuse while incorporating it into our language unitRead MoreThe Ethics of Drug Use and Drug Abuse1579 Words   |  6 PagesEthics of Drug Use and Drug Abuse For any professional working in the substance abuse treatment field, they will very likely come across situations and be presented with dilemmas relating to personal beliefs, judgments, and values. Drug or substance use and abuse have been a controversial and heated topic around the world for centuries. Drug abuse, in a way, is a facet of human culture that has been present for a great deal of human history in general. Every culture handles the issue of drug abuse

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Modeling DNA - Structure, Function and Replication

Constructing DNA models is a great way to learn about DNA structure, function, and replication. DNA models are representations of the structure of DNA. These representations can be physical models created from almost any type of material or they can be computer generated models. DNA Models: Background Information DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is housed within the nucleus of our cells and contains the genetic information for the reproduction of life. The structure of DNA was discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick in the 1950s. DNA is a type of macromolecule known as a nucleic acid. It is shaped like a twisted double helix and is composed of long strands of alternating sugars and phosphate groups, as well as nitrogenous bases (adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine). DNA controls cellular activity by coding for the production of enzymes and proteins. The information in DNA is not directly converted into proteins, but must first be copied into RNA in a process called transcription.​ DNA Model Ideas DNA models can be constructed from almost anything including candy, paper, and even jewelry. An important thing to remember when constructing your model is to identify the components you will use to represent the nucleotide bases, sugar molecule, and phosphate molecule. When connecting the nucleotide base pairs be sure to connect the ones that pair naturally in DNA. For example, adenine pairs with thymine and cytosine pairs with guanine. Here are some excellent activities for constructing DNA models: How to Make a DNA Model Using CandyCardboard DNA ModelsDNA Jewelry ModelKNEX DNA Models DNA Models: Science Projects For those interested in using DNA models for science fair projects, remember that simply constructing a model is not an experiment. Models may be used, however, to enhance your project.

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Uninsured And Underinsured On America Why Is It A Social...

Uninsured and Underinsured In America-Why Is It a Social Problem? According to data presented by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the US health care cost exceeded $ 8,000 per capita, in 2010, comparing to the next most expensive system (Norway) $5,000 per capita (OECD Health Data, 2012). Despite being the most expensive system in the word, US healthcare system has failed on many areas of performance and quality. According to OECD data, US has much lower life expectancy than other industrialized countries, also the infant mortality rate is higher than those countries. Moreover, the US is the only industrialized country that does not provide its citizens a protection of a universal health care coverage. Before the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the statistics reported that over 50 million people in the US had no health insurance. In 2010, the long awaited healthcare reform was passed and many efforts were made to reduce the percentage of uninsured. The enrollment in the Medicare services was extended, millions of low-income individuals were eligible to be enrolled in Medicaid coverage, lifetime dollar limits were eliminated, insurance were no longer able to refuse coverage due to existing conditions. Since 2010, multiple provisions were enacted to improve quality and increase access to healthcare. One of the biggest changes that came into effect in 2014, was the â€Å"individual mandate†, a provision that requires all legal citizens toShow MoreRelated Evaluation - Does Health Care Measure Up? Essay795 Words   |  4 PagesCongress because he did not want to risk his other New Deal proposals. But other presidents, including Harry Truman in 1949 and Richard Nixo n in 1971, have tried to introduce some type of health care reform, enjoying varying measures of success. Why do we still need reform? Currently, the United States is the only industrialized nation that does not have some type of national health care policy. According to a 2003 L.A. Times poll, 70% [of the respondents] consider the current [health care]Read MoreUniversal Health Care : Universal Healthcare1740 Words   |  7 Pagesservices as the cross-cutting framework for all health and health-related services operating across the spectrum from primary prevention to long term care and end-stage conditions. Although this perspective is both logical and well-grounded in the social ecological model, the reality is different in most settings, and there is room for improvement everywhere. Health care reform is a general rubric used for discussing major health policy creation or changes for the most part, governmental policy thatRead MoreHealth Care Systems Compare and Contrast793 Words   |  4 PagesAs a country we are facing currently facing a problem based on health care. Every country has their own way of doing things, but which way makes the most sense? Statistics show that Canada’s health care system is working for them, but will it work for the United States? Ezekial J. Emanuel, Holly Dressel, and together, Karen Davis, Cathy Shoen, Katharine Shea, and Kristine Haran, all address possible solutions to this problem. While Emanuel feels that America’s system is sufficient, Dressel, DavisRead More The Forgotten: Uninsured Children 2037 Words   |  9 Pagesgoing to describe is uninsured children with a disability. Typically, children obtain health insurance coverage through their parents. If parents lack health insurance, so will their children. This paper will discuss the social problem of the inability of children with a disability to obtain health insurance. The primary social welfare issue to be addressed is the absence of affordable, comprehensive health insurance for children from birth to eighteen. When a child is uninsured it often means thatRead MoreAccess Of Health Care And The Hot Spotters Program1630 Words   |  7 PagesAccess to Health Care and the Hot Spotters Program The United States of America has been known to be one of the most advanced countries in terms of our quality of medicine, medical programs, and medical advances. A person can walk into nearly any emergency room without the fear of being turned away or not getting care. With so many resources and cutting edge technology, it’s hard to believe that this health care system does not function to suit the needs of the populations that are most in needRead MoreComparing Public Vs Private Health Care Systems Essay1563 Words   |  7 Pages Often this debate occurs in terms that compare public versus private health care systems. After showing how the public option is associated with welfare state liberalism and the private option with neo-conservatism, which option do you prefer and why?’, and I argue that a public health care system reflects a stronger more stable country. In regards to health care, there can be two ideologies that can be linked to each other. First, welfare state can be seen as public health care because the governmentRead MoreThe Impact Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act On Public Health Services2883 Words   |  12 Pages The Impact of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Public Health Services HSAD 500 Brian M. Mwesigwa Eastern Washington University – Master of Public Health Abstract Attempts for nearly a century in America have failed to establish the principle that every American is entitled to affordable and effective health insurance coverage regardless of their income or health status. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 has made this legislationRead MoreCrossing the Border, Reaching the Light1139 Words   |  5 Pages5 million immigrants, 58 percent came from Mexico, 23 percent from other Latin America countries, 11 percent from Asia, and 8 percent from Africa, Europe, Canada and elsewhere. How do they get in the U.S.? Why do they want to be here? How do they get jobs in the U.S.? Should all of these people be deported back to their native countries? Are illegal immigrants good or bad for the economy? There are several reasons why people want to immigrate to the U.S. People immigrate to other countries forRead MorePublic Health Policy Paper1548 Words   |  7 Pagesnot only assist with issues of health care access, but also create greater accountability for practicing clinicians that should result in improved outcomes. Background Access issues such as the lack of health insurance and being underinsured, can be exacerbated by the current shortage of health professionals that exists in many disadvantaged areas. Some physicians and other medical providers may have the unwillingness to treat persons with public insurance coverage because the reimbursementRead MoreAnotated Bibliography for Health Care1932 Words   |  8 Pagesand Rushika Fernandopulle. Uninsured in America: Life Death of the Land of of Opportunity. Berkley: University of California Press, 2005. Print. Sered and Fernandopulle argue why America current health system is in such horrible condition. Based on interviews with 120 uninsured men and women, medical providers, policy makers, and advocates in America, they discuss the consequences of being uninsured. There are more than forty million people uninsured in America and they detail what it means

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20th Century Drama An Inspector Calls Essay Example For Students

20th Century Drama An Inspector Calls Essay An Inspector Calls was written in 1944-45 but set in 1912 before the world war. In 1944-45 Priestly sent the script of An Inspector Calls to Moscow as unfortunately there were no London Theatres available, so due to this the script was established in 2 theatres in 1945, which it came back to London to be produced. The audience were in the 1945 mood whilst watching the play that was set in 1912. So the audience are re-visiting what was soon to come -2 years later the 1st world war and the sinking of the unsinkable ship Titanic on her maiden voyage. A version of another detective thriller, as what it seemed at the beginning of the play. The opening scene involves the audience being invited in to the play in a very cosily style to a warm scene of a diner party where all the characters of the Birling family are introduced including Gerald Croft. A mysterious inspector intrudes on the cosy scene As one by one each member of the Birling family is questioned there is a chain of events that sequences and links the whole investigation to a suicide murder. However this is not what it is only about, but there is another story portrayed that leads into confusion about the real identity of the inspector. Was he a Ghost, was he the voice of conscious or was he? Who knows! There are a variety of entrances and exits that take place in the play. A build of anxiety, fear, nervousness and suspense is the entire thrill in the entrances and exits of An Inspector Calls. The importance of entrances and exits in the play is to keep the audience enthusiastic and keen to watch the involving exits and entrances. There are various characters in the play and each has a very significant role to play in the story which also connects to a mysterious murder. The tree most important characters from my point of view are: Gerald, Eric and of course the Inspector; The Inspector has an attitude that is tough. He is a hard- headed man. He is precise and influential and creates an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness just at a glance of look. He is an inspector that obeys his work and duty and likes to do it firmly otherwise there is a muddle. He intrudes the cosy scene and that lets the play move on with a subject of his own. Inspector Goole is strong and has sturdy physique that is then described throughout the play in a very peculiar and suspicious manner. A typical man in his 20s evoked by Eric Birling. Half shy half assertive with drinking problems, late nights and women; just are few of his problems that cost a big price during the play. Eric however, unlike his parents, realises the consequences of his actions. Eric is shown playing a big part in one of the most dramatic entrance of the play that characterises his role expressively that then makes him an important character of the play. Another very vital personality illustrated in An Inspector Calls, Gerald who is seductive and personable man in his 30s, rather too manly to be a dandy. Gerald is a helpful and a quiet down-to-town gentleman. Despite Geralds involvement of a big role in Evas life, Gerald is not all that disturbed by the incident which demonstrates his character played in An Inspector Calls. Some of the major entrances that take place in the play suggest the tension that rises gradually towards the very anxious entrance that takes place nearer to the end of the novel. However the entrance that is performed as the first access to the story plays a crucial part in the development of An Inspector Calls. Inspector Goole is the first uninvited character to enter in the engagement party and to ruin the pleasant scene. The Inspectors entrance is a very tragic entrance that takes place in the beginning of the play. It happens when an engagement ceremony has undergone and is interrupted by the Inspector. Mr Birling however is not disturbed by the presence of the Inspector as he is expecting a warrant warning instead there is a different story portrayed. The Inspector obstructs the uneasy conversation between Gerald and Eric also involving Mr Birling that then leads to a confused and a frantic Birling family. The Inspector who at first glance creates an impression of massiveness gives an bitter look as a sigh of giving discomfort before he approaches the person who is being investigated. At first the Inspector is spoken with short phrases to suggest an Inspector of solidity and then the reason of his appearance is conveyed with a lengthily speech and is heard with an aggressive manner that immediately relates to the tough inspector. Essay On The Cherry Orchard About SocietyGerald departs from the play for a walk about, however before he leaves Sheila gives him the engagement ring that was given to her by Gerald himself only a few minutes ago although Sheila now respects him more than she has ever done. By Geralds exit there is a different mood given to the play. The atmosphere of the stage is rather a quiet and sad one as the reason of the ceremony has been abolished. The mood is shown changing as the stage directions convey the looks and sounds in a guarded way as Gerald exits and the Birlings watch him go in silence. The timing of the action has been performed after Gerald has been inquired and before Mrs. Birling and Eric were being questioned of a possible suspect to the chain of events leading to the suicide of Eva Smith. Birling is shown consolidating Gerald by interrupting Sheila and talking about lots of young men doing these kinds of things these days. Geralds exit symbolises that they maybe lots of secrets concealed inside every one of us. The last and most relieving exit for the Birling Family is the final dramatic exit of the play. This is performed by the Inspector in the middle of Act 3. The exit is portrayed in a dubious and peculiar manner that suggests a tense frame of mind. The Inspector summarises the effects of the suicide murder with a long departing paragraph and ends it with the consequences of the incident as he teaches them a lesson in blood and anguish. The Inspectors speech, gestures, stage directions, facial expressions and most of all the self-assured confidence in his speech intertwines together to build a tower of tension and relief. For the Birling Family it was a huge sigh of relief, in comparison to the audience, which related to them as a theatrical departure. The atmosphere of the play has a sudden change from an anxious investigation to a slightly casual mood. Earlier on, before the tense exit of the Inspector, Birling is trying a different method , a method of bribe which the Inspector thinks he is offering money at the wrong time, however Birling can give thousands-yes thousands. The stage directions evoke a confident exit that actually has some effect on both the audience and the characters. The play is then continued with feed back from the family members and also another entrance that changes the whole phase of the play. As for the exits, they make the audience feel sympathetic towards the character illustrating the exits. As Gerald takes his leave the audience are willing not for him to leave as for the Inspectors exit it wraps up the whole play and makes the play run on his intentions so when the main character exits from the play, there is a slight tension in the audience. The stage directions are interpreted as a confident exit which leads to a successful play involving exits that have a turning effect on the audience. So overall, the play can be classified as a success. One reason for this is the involvement of exits and entrances that create shock, jolt and maybe a form of relaxation. In my opinion I thought that the most dramatic exit or entrance is the entrance performed by Eric right at the end of Act 2. This is very significant entrance that is performed in a nail biting situation and that can put the audience in great enthusiasm. At the beginning of the play An Inspector calls is introduced to a tranquil opening scene. In comparison, the closing scene is totally opposite to the opening scene as the closing scene shows the characters in a muddled and in a fearful mood and the atmosphere is uneasy. A point to be noted is that in the opening scene of the play the whole characters of the play (minus Edna and Inspector) are present for the ceremony and after so many dramatic exits and shocking entrances the same characters are shown in the closing scene but with a different mood, a mood of distress and mayhem as the chain of events has finally come to an end.